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Jantar Mantar in blue colour: Protest for Release of Chandra Shekhar Azad

New Delhi| People have started getting together against the dictatorial government in India. Today, in the same direction, after the arrest of Chandra Shekhar Azad alias Ravan, the founder of Bhim Army, his mother Kamlesh Devi raised a war cry at Jantar Mantar. Bhim Army is protesting for the release of Chandrasekhar Ravan and various demands at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. People from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, UP and other states have joined in the demonstration supporting Chandrasekhar’s mother. In support of Ravan, many student groups came from Delhi and beyond.

Chandrasekhar Azad, the founder of Bhim Army and the ideal of the Dalit youth, was arrested on 8th June by Uttar Pradesh Police in Dalhousie of Himachal Pradesh. The UP police had accused Ravana of spreading violence in Saharanpur.

The UP police tried hard to find Kamlesh Devi so that the demonstration of June 18 could not be successful. But on June 18, huge crowd demonstrated at Jantar Mantar for Chandrasekhar Ravan.

From Jantar Mantar, Kamlesh Devi hailed and thanks to all the people and the students participating in the protest and kept her demands in front of everyone:

  • Shabbirpur case should be investigated by the CBI.
  • The compensation of Rs.15 lakh to the dead victims and Rs. 1-1 lakh to the victims of arson and attack.
  • Financial assistance should be provided to the victims of Shabirpur.
  • Filling of SC/ST atrocities charges against the guilty officials.
  • Arrest of the main accused of Dalit violence, Sher Singh Rana.
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