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Chirag Patel to Amit Shah: Apologize to the People of Gujarat

Ahmedabad| Gujarat’s youth leader Chirag Patel, in a letter to Amit Shah, has not only questioned the achievement of BJP’s 22 years of rule in the state but also charged Shah for capturing the power by crushing the competent and acceptable leaders of the society, misguiding and misleading the people of Gujarat in name of Hinduism for votes, suppressing the truth in encounter cases, protecting Nalia gang rape accused, pushing L. K. Advani into the state of dormancy, benefitting corporates at the costs of farmers and so on.

Chirag Patel also claimed that Amit Shah was behind disturbances that followed the unity and peaceful gathering of Patidars in the GMDC ground in 2015. He further questioned Amit Shah’s role in providing political protection to the killers who shot dead youths of Patidar community. It was also stated that state government’s meeting with the patidar leaders are just aimed at confusing the Patidar community as no information on how many cases will be withdrawn and how much financial assistance will be given to the martyr’s family are presented in those meetings.

Patidar Anamat Movement, 2015

This letter of Chirag Patel shows the magnitude of disappointment and distrust that Patidar youth leaders have toward the BJP and it appears that they hold Amit Shah responsible for crushing of Patidar Anamat Andolan. The forthcoming state election will show how much and to what extent, this distrust of patidar youths will cost the BJP in the state of Gujarat.

Below is the full text of the letter sent by Chirag Patel to Amit Shah:


Chirag Patel (Accused of Treason)


Bopal, Ahmedabad

Date: 02/10/2017

Shri Amitbhai Shah

National President and Rajya Sabha MP,

Bharatiya Janata Party


You are the President of India’s largest party. On the day of Gandhi Jayanti, with the message of truth and non-violence, I am Chirag Patel (Accused of Treason – the title given by you) presenting to you the balance-sheet of the last 22 years of your party’s rule in Gujarat and what was in it for Patidar society as well as 6 crore people of the state of Gujarat.

Taking forward the ideology of RSS into politics and by portraying the divine dream of the Ram temple through the saffron colour of Hindutva, you had started your political journey in Bharatiya Janata Party. And today, I do not need to explain you how Gujarat’s the then Keshubhai Patel’s government was overturned and how your party came back to power in 2002. The People of Gujarat and the people of this Country are fully aware of this.

During the rule of your government, Gujarat has seen the sacrifice of the respected Patidar leader Shri Keshubhai Patel and there was the sacrifice of a Brahmin leader Late Harenbhai Pandya that has taken place before your eyes, whose true killers have not been arrested till date.

Your only ambition and political aim was to capture the power by crushing the competent and acceptable leaders of the society. And it was the beginning of your party’s growth.

Modi has fought Rajkot election along with your holy thoughts and you. Step by step, you have handed over the people of Gujarat a development that is manifested in fear, hunger and corruption. The verbal representation of this model of development is being offered below.

Your government and your party have just started “Gaurav Yatra” in Gujarat but what is there to be proud about in starting such Yatra?

  1. Are you proud that the killers of Late Haren Pandya have not yet identified?
  2. Are you proud that, despite your wearing of saffron scarf and sitting on the throne of power in the name of Hinduism, the Ram Temple at Ayodhya could not be build?
  3. Are you proud that you succeeded in tying Advaniji with the responsibility for the Ayodhya issue and make him withdraw into the state of dormancy?
  4. Are you proud that you succeeded in pushing successful political leaders like Harinbhai Pathak, Late Bhawnaben Chikhaliya, Vallabhbhai Kathiriya, Keshubhai Patel, Rajendra Singh Rana, Late Kashiram Rana, Sureshbhai Mehta and Sanjaybhai Joshi into oblivion?
  5. Are you proud that you gave away the tax benefits of billions of rupees to industrialists like Adani, Ambani, Tata, L&T and you handed over them pasture lands free of cost while depriving shepherds, farmers and landowners from their means of livelihood? And do you feel proud of lathicharge on farmers seeking water in Sanand?
  6. Are you proud that you have implemented the outsourcing of government jobs to private agencies connected to your circles, giving them benefits to millions of rupees and perpetuating the contractual fixed pay jobs signifying the exploitative system?
  7. Are you proud that you succeeded in suppressing the truth in such encounter cases as Sohrabuddin Sheikh, Sadiq Jamal, Tulsiram Prajapati and Israt Jahan despite the formation of SIT to uphold the truth?
  8. Are you proud that you succeeded in creating unpredicted disturbance in Gujarat with the help of your close friends and leaders when Patidar community gathered for their unity and peaceful meeting in the GMDC ground on 25/08/2015? And, in the name of patidar samaj are you proud of ending Anandiben’s political career?
  9. Do you feel proud that you succeeded in saving politicians who are involved in the gang rape of Nalia Kand, who are also your own party workers?
  10. Are you proud that you succeeded in misguiding and misleading the people of Gujarat and to garner votes of Hindu society while they were cheated in name of Hinduism, you only filled your own pockets?
  11. Do you feel proud that, as the time for the election is near, your leaders from the minority community are taking foreign leaders to visit heritage sites and mixing green color with saffron and playing with people’s religious feeling for the political benefit of BJP, even though one of your leader once felt embarrassed to wear a skull cap from a minority community in Gujarat?
  12. Gujarat has lost more than 20 RTI activists like Amit Jethwa, whose murderer is also connected to your party. Are you proud that the killer of the activist is given a senior position in your party?
  13. Presently, you and your national leaders are frequently visiting Gujarat to save the BJP’s boat in the state. Are you feeling proud that taxes and treasury filled by sweat and blood of the people are now being misused for the benefit and publicity of your party?
  14. The people of this country went through great difficulties, first with the demonetization and subsequently with the implementation of GST, both of which are declared successful by you. But the reality of the land is quite the opposite. Due to this decision of yours, the people of this entire nation have cried out. Are you proud of the nation’s suffering and misguiding it in the name of development?
  15. You and your party have started buying and selling in politics to create a commercial market for MLAs. The entire nation has seen power of your purchasing politics during the Gujarat Rajya Sabha election reflecting the defeat of democracy and democratic values and the defeat of the people. Are you proud of these matters?
  16. Are you proud of taking up the matter of personal interest to patidar politicians, conveners and social leaders by offering them favours and using policy of persuasion and negotiation, reward, fear, and divide and rule to crush the Patel Anamat movement?
  17. Are you feeling proud that youths of Patidar community were shot dead while you provided political protection to the killers?
  18. The aim of the movement of the Patidar community was to get the reservation, not to get the commission. In the meetings with the Patidar and social leaders, there was no information on how many cases will be withdrawn by the government and how much financial assistance will be given to the martyr’s family. So these meetings were obviously held only to confuse the Patidar community.

If you cannot make a clear decision now, you cannot bring justice to your party in the 2017 election. Six crore people of Gujarat are disturbed and tired of your rule. Now if you have come to win the election by false promises and emptying the treasury of Gujarat, we know about it.

As the President of a party, I am Chirag Patel― an aware citizen of Gujarat and a young man who has suffered greatly due to the dictatorship of your government ― is making you aware of the true situation. You can understand well what to do in Gujarat’s interest.

If you recall from your memories the journey that you undertook from the beginning of your political career till today, and if you will realize that you and your party have done cruelty with the innocent people of Gujarat, then ask for the apology from the people of Gujarat and take the right decision.

I am quoting the lines from poet “Kalapi”

“Yes, a great stream has returned from the heaven,

The sinner gets drowned in submergence. “

Yours faithfully

Chirag Patel (Accused of Treason)

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