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Massive Vyavasta Parivartan Motor Cycle Rally by VVP, Gujarat

Bhavnagar| On the day of Gandhi Jayanti 02 October 2017, the Vyavasta Parivartan Party (VVP) of Gujarat undertook a massive Vyavasta Parivartan Motor Cycle Rally at 10 AM from Talaja city in Bhavnagar district. In this rally more than 500 hundred motor cycles with party flag and some 10 four wheelers with party banners had participated. The rally covered about 40 villages form  Rajpara, Dahor, Bhadraksh, Teamana, Royal, Talja City, Pavati, Uchadi, Pithalpur, Zanzamer, Pratapra, Vejodari, Datha, Borda, and reached to Talaja VVP Party office. The rally has received rousing welcome at each village in its travel path. Villages’ air was filled and thrilled with slogans like “Vote Hamara, Raj Tumhara, Nahi Chalega Nahi Chalega”, “Vote Bhi Hamara, Raj Bhi Hamara”, “SC ST OBC ka Nara Hai, Vyavasta Parivartna Lana Hai”, “Na Chalega Panjha, Na Chalega Kamal, Chalega Roller”.

The formation of this new political party, VVP, has added a political climax in Gujarat scheduled for assembly election in a few months. Its meetings and rallies are attracting huge response form general public, especially youth across different districts in Gujarat. Under the leadership of National President Dharamsibhai Dhapa and National Vice-President Vallabh Bhai Baraiya and intellectual direction of Shri K. B. Babaria and Manubhai Makwana, VVP having headquarter at Bhavnagar has become a fast-growing political force to reckon with.

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