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Rastriya Jansurajya Party becomes the new entrant to Gujarat political space

Gandhinagar| In the run to forthcoming Gujarat Election this year, several new political parties are getting formed. In that sequence, the youth leader Chirag Patel is soon going to announce the launch of his political outfit, Rastriya Jansurajya Party on 25.08.2017 in a proposed public meeting at Shahid Veer Pangal Pandey Hall, Nikol, Ahmedabad.

Chirag Patel told the Critical Mirror over phone that two years back on 25.08.2015, patidars in their unprecedented congregation at GMDC ground, Ahmedabad had announced the initiation of social revolution while the coming 25.08.2017 will become the day of political revolution in Gujarat marked by formal launch of his political party. He believes that Rastriya Jansurajya Party will be the best alternative for People of Gujarat and Youth for bring change in the state of Gujarat and India.

This newly formed Rastriya Jansurajya Party has given a clarion call to the people to “get educated…, get organized… and begin their struggle”. “Jaati Dharm Ko Chhodo, Gujarat Ko Jodo” [Leave aside the caste and religion, connect Gujarat] is the slogan of the party. Chirag Patel has categorically stated that his outfit may forge alliances with all parties but the BJP.

The emergence of several new political parties like Vyavasta Parivarthan Party, Rastriya Jansurajya Party and Bhilistan Tiger Sena are adding new dimension to the forthcoming Gujarat election. It is clear that these new political forces, unless, form a joint front in the state election, their influence can only divide the opposition vote-base and in fact may contribute to the victory of the BJP, the very party these new parties want to defeat.

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