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The rise of a new party in Gujarat, Vyavastha Parivartan Party: Interactions with Dharamshi Bhai Dhapa and Bharatbhai Bambhaniya

Gandhinagar| When a political party comes to the power, people have many expectations from the party. People of Gujarat too had high expectations from the BJP government. But the latter headed by the three times Chief Minister of Gujarat and current Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi could not fulfill their promises. This is evident from the miserable conditions of basic infrastructural facilities in Gujarat such as education and roads. So, against this corrupt system, Vyavastha Parivartan Party (VPP) was established in the state of Gujarat recently. Earlier this party had continuously undertaken social work in Gujarat for almost 12 years and now they have decided to directly enter political sphere and contest this year’s Gujarat assembly elections.

New hopes are seen in Gujarat because of the VPP. People are hopeful that the governance system will be changed in Gujarat and the development process will be restarted in the state, which has been discontinued for the last 15 years under the rule of the BJP government. The Critical Mirror Team led by its Editor Shri Noorul Hoda had met the founding national president of VPP, Shri Dharamshi Bhai Dhapa and VVP’s Gujarat state president, Shri Bharatbhai Bambhaniya to learn about the mission, vision and activities of this new party. Excerpts from this interaction are as follows:

The Critical Mirror – Tell us about your party.

Dharamshi Bhai Dhapa

Dharamshi Bhai Dhapa – I am the national president of the VPP and I am working continuously for the state as well as the country. In India, the marginalized people like OBCs, minorities and other neglected classes are deprived of their basic rights since the last 70 years. The ruling governments have been seizing their rights. We do not want such kind of government which is not capable of understanding the major problems faced by masses. But we need a government which is sincerely concerned with and worked for the interests and welfare of the poor. Hence, to change this system, we have founded the VPP.

The Critical Mirror – When Narendra Modi was the Gujarat Chief Minister, how was the governance in the state of Gujarat?

Dharamshi Bhai Dhapa: Narendra Modi had been in power in the state for three terms and now he is in centre as the Prime Minister. In every election, he talks about the Gujarat model and keep elaborating the story of development in Gujarat. But I would like to ask him how could even today the roads of Gujarat are still not in good conditions, the untouchability still prevails, and backward classes are always being kept away from education. Is this the Gujarat model?

The Critical Mirror – In Gujarat, Congress Party too had been in power in the past.  Which party, in your opinion, did better work in Gujarat, BJP or Congress?

Dharamshi Bhai Dhapa – See currently in Gujarat, Congress is effectively neither in opposition in the state nor in centre and it is useless to talk about the Congress. But one thing is clear about these two parties that both are hungry for power and their politics is only power. When Congress was in power they betrayed OBC, backward and poor people and now the BJP is doing the same thing.

The Critical Mirror – What message do you want to give to the people through the TCM?

Dharamshi Bhai Dhapa – I would like to convey that this country is to be run as per the provisions of Constitution written by Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar and not as per wishes of any political party. People have the power to vote and with the power of their votes they can throw out greedy people from reign of the state.

The Critical Mirror –  Please tell our audience about what the Gujarat model really is.

Bharat Bhai Bambhaniya

Bharatbhai Bambhaniya – Gujarat model is nothing but the show off. If you want to know the reality of Gujarat model, then first you must visit the rural areas of Gujarat, particularly the villages. There is no development at all for the poor people.

The Critical Mirror – What will be the main concern of your party?

Bharatbhai Bambhaniya – The priorities of the party are education and employment. BJP has mishandled the education system. In Gujarat, only rich people are receiving education while the poor has always been deprived of the education.

The Critical Mirror – What steps will your party take for the future of the youth of this state?

Bharatbhai Bambhaniya – Youth have marginal identity in the political field and their motive has always been to study to secure an employment. Today even after obtaining degree youths are forced to do the labour class jobs. OBC, Dalits and the backwards are not getting employment. People will be made aware about the delusion of statistics, and the correct direction will be shown to them.

The Critical Mirror –  How old is the VPP party and what have you done for the improvement of the future of girls and the upliftment of women?

Bharatbhai Bambhaniya – We are working for women upliftment and empowerment of youth for around 12 years. You might be knowing that our good social work is even known to the BJP government in Gujarat, which is clearly afraid from it. The BJP government is afraid that we may form alliance with the opposition or form another political party and contest for forming government in the state of Gujarat. Consequently, the Government sent our three main leaders to the jail in fabricated cases to stop us from undertaking the social work. But we kept on fighting against all the injustice and formed a political party. We are working for upliftment of people without any discrimination, whether it is education or health, or the future of girls.

(L-R): Manubhai Maakwana – Spokesperson VPP; K.B Babaria – National Convener VPP; Dharamshi Bhai Dhapa – National President VPP; Bharatbhai Bambhaniya – Gujarat State President VPP; Ashok Gilatar – Spokesperson VPP; Kantilal Bahi Chavda – Social Activist.

The Critical Mirror –  What is your education and what do you do apart from working for this party?

Bharatbhai Bambhaniya –  I studied up to seventh class and am a businessman of diamonds. But I know the importance of education very well. So, I am educating both of my girl children. I have 4 children where two girls who are preparing for CA and the elder son is a civil engineer and the younger one is in 12th class. In my factory, about 400 people work where 200 are women. I keep on instructing all the workers that they must educate their children.

The Critical Mirror – What message do you want to give to the people of Gujarat?

Bharatbhai Bambhaniya – We have to bring revolution in this country and lay the country on the development path. For that, we need a lot of support from all over the country. I would like to say that people of Gujarat should change the system and support our party for that. If we come to power then especially the youth will get the opportunity to get education, jobs and political space in all the areas.

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